Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!
Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!

Top Tips to Find Cash Home Buyers in St. Louis

Locating cash buyers for your home in St Louis can be challenging, though it doesn’t have to be. To locate a St Louis home buyer who pays cash in less than 30 days can be daunting. Identifying St Louis home buyers can be fast if you know a few tricks that will make you maneuver the obstacles. When you wish to sell your home quickly and get the cash, consider the following tips.

Online Search

A simple internet search for cash home buyers can enable you to land a favorable sale of your property in a few days. Websites like Craigslist can be of help in assisting you to locate a suitable cash buyer for your home. List your home in such sites and wait for prospective buyers to contact you. After every few days, you might need to re-post the ad if you didn’t get a response.

Advertise your home in the newspaper or online

If you seriously need a cash home buyer, you may need to pay a few dollars to place an ad on the local newspaper or the online classified-ad websites. Make sure your ad is directed to cash buyers only. Most cash home buyers in St Louis regularly visit the online classified -ad sites and newspapers for new home listings.

Contact Local investment groups or associations

You can locate ideal St Louis home buyers in the local investment groups and organizations. Search online or ask friends, colleagues, and relatives of such groups. These groups are excellent avenues where you can meet willing cash home buyers with a little hustle. You can identify such local groups from the social media.

Engage the services of real estate agents

To identify a cash home buyer in St Louis, use the services of real estate agents who have access to multiple listing services (MLS). These local MLS have sections for both cash and financed transactions. A real estate agent versed with these transactions can help you to find a suitable cash home buyer fast. Landlords and other investors interested in purchasing properties in St Louis visit these listing to search for properties to buy.

Search for St Louis house buyers from the local municipality

Public records of multiple home buyers at the local municipality can offer valuable information on cash home buyers in the area. You can access this information from the office of the local tax assessor or the clerk’s office. From these records, you can identify if a particular sale was financed or paid via cash. The documents will also help to find individuals or organizations that buy a home through cash.


The fastest way to locate St Louis house buyers is through referrals. Your family, friends, and colleagues can be of great help to assist you to sell your home fast and on cash. Other notable references will come from Mortgage attorneys, real estate agents, IRA Custodians, Title companies, Mortgage bankers and 1031 exchange Intermediaries. You may need to offer a commission for some of these referrals.

Selling your home in St Louis doesn’t have to be tasking if you put these tips into action. Share your successes after implementing the tips.

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