Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!
Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!

How to Avoid Scam Artists

1. Request an offer by submitting your information online or calling REI.
2. An REI representative will reach out to you to set up an appointment.
3. An REI Buyer will meet you at the house.
4. The Buyer will walk through the home.

Trust REI first. There’s a growing business in the real estate sector: big-name TV celebrities lending their names to “informational seminars” wherein the general public pays in to become glorified lead generators. You’ve seen their signs around town: “We Buy Houses All Cash” written in felt-tip marker on a piece of cardboard stapled to a telephone pole, their cell phone number scrawled at the bottom, not a mention of a business or person’s name. These people borrow the language of professional real estate investors to bilk desperate homeowners out of the value of their property using every shady trick in the book. The name of their game is the law of averages and doing whatever it takes to make a sale.

It’s time to step away from these fly-by-night sheisters and work with REI, the real estate professionals. No scams, no tricks, no self-taught “agents”. REI operates solely within St. Louis and works directly with you to establish a clean and clear 100% cash offer for your home. Let’s look at what sets REI apart from the cardboard cutout “buy for cash” scam artists.

REI vs. Scam Artists

  • REI:
  • Founded over 10 years ago in 2008 and helped families through the housing crisis
  • Proud local business, serving only St. Louis
  • Headquartered in St. Louis with brick-and-mortar offices
  • Licensed investors on staff with real estate financial experience
  • Advertised through proper channels and word of mouth
  • No-pressure conversations that move at your own pace
  • Offers are 100% all cash, no fine print or funny money
  • Scam Artists:
  • Could have formed an LLC last week and have no experience
  • Could be non-local, advertising only switches out the city name
  • Could be operating out of a call center or someone’s home
  • Could be a recent seminar or internet video “graduate” looking to get rich
  • Could have cardboard and paper signs stapled to telephone poles
  • Could use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to make bad deals
  • Could run away with your money or only pay a small fraction in cash

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