Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!
Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!

REI announces a new program to purchase inherited houses for cash

St. Louis, Missouri (May 14th, 2019)– REI, the St. Louis based real-estate buyer, continues to show exemplary customer service and skill in purchasing older homes. Finding a buyer for a home that needs repairs can be difficult, but REI provides relief to sellers by walking them through the selling process and then buying the home after a cash offer. They take many of the difficult steps out of selling a house, such as preparing the home for a sale or adjusting a closing date. They also avoid commissions but offer assistance after closing dates. REI’s unique approach has allowed them to add a particular ability to help customers who are stuck in older homes or have houses that they received from elderly relatives.

REI also buys houses that are newer or up to date. They are an organization that leverages their considerable experience in the industry and in their city of St. Louis to provide resources that are of value to anyone in the area trying to sell a home. They recently relaunched a website to list their services and highlight what aspects of their business model set them apart. Homeowners interested in a seamless, focused sale of their property can visit the site and learn what to expect from REI, which is a simple process with a cash offer.

REI has a commitment to helping customers and provides customer service that makes selling a home uniquely easy. They focus on making things simple, flexible, and certain. While listing a home on the market leads to unknown people walking through the owner’s home and the distinct possibility of doors being left unlocked, REI ensures that only REI employees see the home, then a cash offer is made. This method of buying homes can sometimes be used to help owners avoid foreclosure. As a way of catering to customers in need, REI will sometimes use what is known as a “short sale” to help an owner avoid the debt and credit difficulties that a foreclosure incurs. For more information, visit them online or their Facebook page.

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