Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!
Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!

Receive an All-Cash
Offer for Your Home

Sell your home to REI. Simple. Flexible. Certain. Avoid the commissions, showings and uncertainty.
Listed my house on the market.
“Doors left unlocked, I was told to make repairs, and months of stress.”
Made a deal with REI.
“Three words: simple, flexible, and transparent.”

Sell Your St. Louis House for Cash

Avoid the Scam Artists

REI offers a simple and hassle-free process to sell your house for cash. Our process does not burden you with any cleanouts, repairs, improvements, showings, hidden fees, commissions or realtors. Our process is transparent with no strings ever attached. We want to learn about your situation and how we can help you. Our goal is to make you the biggest fan of REI for the rest of your life.

Who Are Some REI Clients?

Below you will find scenarios common to many of our clients, so you can see which best matches your situation.

Scenario #1: Looking to downsize from their current living arrangements.

Is overseeing the maintenance on your home starting to overwhelm you? Are you ready to move on from the day to day upkeep a home requires? Do you feel like you are wasting your time and money on a home you no longer need? Is it simply time to move on?

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Scenario #2: Want to make life easier and improve their life.

Life moves quickly and perhaps it is moving you in a new direction? Do you want to move out of town? Are you moving in with your children or parents? Are you taking a new job somewhere?

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Scenario #3: No longer want to take care of a home.

Are you ready to no longer be a property manager? Is it time to live a maintenance free lifestyle? Is your home simply too much for you to handle?

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Scenario #4: Inherited a property.

Did someone leave you a property that you need to sell? Did someone leave you a property that you do not have a title to yet? Do you need some direction on how to sell a property that you inherited?

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Scenario #5: Making senior living arrangements for yourself or loved ones.

Do you or someone you love need a plan to sell your home in order to transition into senior living? Are you uncertain if you or a loved one will ever come back to your home? Do you or a loved one need to sell a home in order to receive government assistance?

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Scenario #6: Have an outdated home.

Are you contemplating a large investment in your home before you sell it? Are you ready to oversee a large construction project? Do you have a remodel strategy before you start?

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Scenario #7: Have a major home issue such as a cracked foundation or leaky basement.

Do you have a major repair that needs to be made? Is the repair that is needed beyond your comfort zone? Are you on the fence about how to handle your major repair?

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Scenario #8: Own rental property or other real estate investments.

Are you tired of being a landlord and ready to sell? Has managing the tenants become too much for you? Do you need to sell in order to move into another investment?

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Scenario #9: Want a convenient and simple sale process versus listing the home with a realtor.

Are you trying to avoid the uncertainty that comes with listing your home on the open market with a realtor? Are you trying to eliminate agents coming through your house with potential buyers? Do you want to know exactly what you will walk away with when you sell your home?

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Scenario #10: Want to sell your home quickly for any reason.

Do you need to liquidate your home in order to obtain the cash you have?

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Benefits and Solutions You
Receive When Selling to REI

  • Pick a closing date:
    REI can close when you are ready. REI is quick. If you need to change the close date that is not a problem. REI is flexible. REI can accommodate your timeline.
  • Skip the realtor commission:
    REI does not charge any fees or commissions.
  • Confidential:
    No marked vehicles will ever show up at your home. No signs will be placed in your yard.
  • Eliminate showings or open houses:
    Potential buyers or agents will not come through your home.
  • Avoid preparing your home for the market:
    Take the contents you want and REI will handle disposing of the remainder. No need to pay for expensive cleanouts or repairs.
  • Competitive offer:
    REI has a deep understanding of St. Louis real estate. We provide sellers our best offer by appreciating and knowing the various local markets.
  • Avoid paying closing costs for buyers:
    Today many buyers will put the closing cost burden on the seller.
  • Local:
    REI only buys homes in the St. Louis metro area. REI always wants to meet their client, if possible.
  • Local staff:
    Our professional staff are here to help you.
  • Visit the home:
    REI always takes the time to visit a home. REI does not make abrupt offers over the phone without first visiting the home.
  • Unable to show a home:
    If you are unable to show us a home REI can assist by opening up a secured home, re-keying the lock, or meeting with someone who has access to the home. There is never a charge.
  • Unable to attend a closing:
    REI can coordinate a remote settlement date locally or globally if you are unable to attend the closing in St. Louis, MO.
  • Straightforward offers:
    REI offers do not hinge upon appraisals, financing, or other home inspections.
  • Certain timeline:
    REI will navigate the selling timeline for you from start to finish. You will know when and where you stand at all times. We keep it simple.
  • Stay after the closing:
    REI can allow you to stay in the home after the closing. REI can put a plan together that makes it work for you.

Steps to Receive an Offer

Submit your information to REI.
Fill out our brief form to get started or give us a call.

REI will visit the property.
REI will meet you at the property for a 30-minute visit.

REI will make you an offer.
REI will make you an offer the same day we visit the home.

Close on the sale of your home.
You will receive the funds from the sale of your home.

Steps to Create a Competitive Offer

REI will ask you to explain the overall features and makeup of your home. The information you provide is extremely helpful and it allows us to offer you the most competitive price.

Comparable homes in your area that have sold are extremely important when determining an offer price for you. We visit the exterior of nearby homes and drive local streets to see how the homes compare to yours.

Deep experience and compassion for this business has allowed us to buy many homes in the St. Louis area. Our many purchases afford us the opportunity to understand local markets and conditions.

REI Versus a Traditional Home Sale

  • REI:
  • Free offer
  • Guaranteed price
  • No preparing the home for sale
  • No realtors
  • No commissions
  • Convenient close date
  • Stay after the closing
  • Traditional Home Sale:
  • No guaranteed offer
  • Uncertain offer
  • Preparation for sale
  • Real estate agents and showings
  • Expensive commissions
  • Uncertain close date
  • No flexibility

The REI Promise

Selling your home can be overwhelming. At REI we like to keep things simple. Over the years, we have led many clients through the selling process. Our goal is to make it convenient and stress-free from start to finish. We know that clients depend on us to make the entire process go smoothly.

REI Process

  • 1: Request an offer by submitting your information on-line or calling REI.
  • 2: An REI representative will reach out to you to set up an appointment.
  • 3: An REI Buyer will meet you at the house.
  • 4: The Buyer will walk thru the home.
  • 5: The Buyer may have a few questions while walking thru the home.
  • 6: After the Buyer walks thru the home they will create an offer.
  • 7: The Buyer will present the offer to you the same day.
  • 8: Any questions you may have about the offer will be answered by the Buyer.
  • 9: You can accept the offer on the spot or take your time to think about it.
  • 10: The offer will be signed by you and REI.
  • 11: Now that the offer is official, both parties will be working toward the agreed closing date.
  • 12: REI will submit the offer package to our local title vendor in order to prepare the closing documents.
  • 13: You will remove what contents you want from the home up until closing.
  • 14: The title company will call you to schedule a time for you to visit their office. The title company will let you know if you need any additional documentation.
  • 15: Two days before closing REI will contact the local utility companies and transfer the accounts to their name.
  • 16: On the day of closing, you will visit the title company with a photo ID and bring any keys or garage door openers to the home.
  • 17: On the day of closing, you will receive any funds that are owed to you.
  • 18: After the closing you may cancel your insurance and direct any overpayments to your new address.
  • 19: After the closing you may cancel any utilities or subscriptions you have and direct your final bills to your new address. You do not need to manually shut down the utilities.
  • 20: REI will follow up with you a week after the closing to discuss your selling experience.

Our Story

Since 2008, we set out to show everyone just how easy it is to buy and sell a home. REI currently operates in one city, St. Louis. We strive to be recognized by everyone as the most simple yet innovative company in real estate. Our proven and reliable methods allow people to move to their next place in life with a straightforward and seamless process.