Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!
Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!

Sell Your Inherited House in St. Louis

It’s easy with REI home buyers to sell your inherited house in St. Louis. When you inherit a home, selling it can be quite a hassle. There can be months of stress and repairs before you can officially put your house on the market. REI St. Louis offers a deal that is simple, flexible, and transparent. Home selling is made simple with REI St. Louis, giving you the freedom and speed to sell your house smoothly. You will now have more time to focus on your new home, rather than fixing your old home. Selling your home can be overwhelming. Make it simple with REI’s process of home buying.

The REI process of home selling your inherited house is smooth; which will not take much of your time. Here are steps to sell your house:

  • Request an offer by calling or submitting information online.
  • An REI representative will contact you to set up an appointment.
  • An REI Buyer will meet you at your house and take a walk-through.
  • After the buyer walks through your home, he will create an offer.
  • Your offer will be presented to you on the same day as the walkthrough.
  • The offer can be accepted on the spot or you can take your time to think about it.
  • You and REI will be working towards a closing date after the offer is accepted.
  • We will submit the offer package to our own title vendor to prepare for closing.
  • The title company will then contact you about any needed information.
  • After closing, you may cancel any utilities or subscriptions you have and direct all mail to your new address.
  • A week after closing REI will contact you about your selling experience.

REI wants to make the easiest selling experience for you to move onto your new life. REI has proven methods that allow people to move to their next place in life with a seamless process. Selling your house in St. Louis is now smooth; rather than waiting for weeks to find a buyer and finally close the house.

With REI, they do not burden you with cleanouts, repairs, hidden fees, or a realtor commission. REI keeps home selling in St. Louis a very transparent process. With professionals who walk through the homes, there will be no strangers who constantly tour your home with interest in buying. There will be no need for a cleanout, you take the contents you desire and REI will dispose of the remainder. Their professional REL buyers know the market that you live in and give you the best offer possible. REI is very transparent and flexible with your scheduling as well. If you can not make it to a closing, REI will work with you and coordinate a remote settlement date. They will also give you a timeline from start to finish to show how simple and fast closing your house is.

With REI St. Louis Home Buyers, there is a guaranteed price with no realtors, no commissions, and flexibility with closing. Now is the time to sell your inherited house in St. Louis.