Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!
Sell your Home to the St. Louis Experts!

St. Louis Housing Battle

St. Louis is a city with an uncommon problem: it’s a city with a buyers market. It’s not uncommon knowledge to know that the population of St. Louis is decreasing. Home values are remaining steady hovering around the 140s (thousand), and the sale price is lower at the mid 130s. It is also worth noting that the city’s demographics are showing that the population is becoming more educated and diverse. This clearly spells bad news for potential sellers, with a flood of inventory and money wise buyers, it’s going to be an uphill battle to sell in such a harsh market without some major support.

Yet there’s more. With every housing market comes the sellers who are the most interested in selling their home; those who owe more than their home is worth. St. Louis is a city with roughly 40% of homeowners having a home that they owe more than what it is worth. A buyers market, investment-wise buyers, and a good amount of competition from other sellers is a recipe for disaster.

Enter REI, a property group that likes to keep things simple. REI offers to remove the costly uphill battle of selling your home in a such a tough market. We cut out the middlemen and give you the best hassle-free offer possible on your home. Our process is straightforward, transparent, and is designed with the seller in mind. Simply tell us more about your home, then we’ll make comparisons with properties in your area and deliver you a free offer. There won’t be any hidden fees, no realtors, no rounds of strangers in your home, no pressure to sell, and above all else a fair, guaranteed offer. Why fight the battle when you can win today? Call REI now for a free quote!

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